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How's my driving?

It's inevitable, really, for a mun to forget how to play their character IC, or have character quirks that those who play with them have issues with. In order to correct any problems and air out anything you'd like to say about how I play my character, you can comment here.

I'll try my best not to take offense or let it all get into my head, but that's why this is here.

Got a problem with my characterization? Got something to say about my manners? Do you like anything I do in particular? Post it all here. ^_^


Feb. 14th, 2008

Valentines, huh? An event celebrating one's romantic feelings with a person they hold close to their heart.

... That sounds nice. If I had a heart, would I have someone to share it with...?

Maybe not.

Roxas, Sora... are you alright...?


The plague has stopped. I'm supposed to be relieved but I... I'm just not...

Private, hackableCollapse )

Yuffie, I hope Zack is faring better now. Rikku too. Syuusuke, are you sure you're alright on your own? And Jyou, thank you so much for your help.

[[cross-outs are semi-legible]]


Just like you said, Yuffie, the Church ...

There are so many sick people. I can see them by my window, and I can hear them, sometimes. There's another man, in the next building who seems very ill. I can't see them very well, but I do hope that the silver-haired man feels better. His roommate really seems distressed.

Yuffie, I hope you're alright. Worrying about so many people is bad for your health. If there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

[[No one will ask you for your help, little useless whelp. You'll be thrown away because of your uselessness.]]


[[Did I touch a sensitive spot, little witch? Go on, hide in your little room. No one will come for you.]]

I never expected them to. I just don't want to be a burden any more.

*computer records as there is a fluttering of clothes and the near inaudible opening and the closing of the door*


Perhaps getting stuck in the rain wasn't a good idea. I... It's so difficult to be wearing white when blood soaks everything up and the rain... this place is so ...

I found shelter in one of the big apartment buildings. The other floors are occupied and I didn't want to bother anyone, so I picked the last room in the topmost floor. It's lonely and it reminds me of Castle Oblivion. I like being so high up.

Hm. First order of business. Laundry.

I sure do hope nobody comes up here.

[[And, of course, there's the trouble of having no other clothes than the ones she's wearing, so washing one's clothes and waiting for it to dry and then someone just coming in out of nowhere would be awkward. Ghost in the top floor much?]]

Unintended Voice Post


A computer? [the sound of very light, almost inaudible footsteps] I wonder why it's abandoned, when it's obviously in working order...

[a small, light but sad laugh] Were you abandoned too? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.

<At least you know better.>

Oh, you're sentient? Hello, then. My name's Naminé. What's yours?


... I'm sorry. Maybe... do you know where I can find certain people? One of them is called Sora and the other is Riku. I'm searching for them, and I know Sora's here - I can feel him.

<I don't know them.>

Oh... alright. Thank you. I hope I'll see you again soon.


[soft pattering of footsteps moving away, computer picks up a faint sigh]




This is a character journal for spiral_rpg. Kingdom Hearts' Naminé is property of (c)Square-Enix and Disney.

-mun: croix_souillees
Art Journal: choco_fondue
DevArt: inami

Sora the_bluest_sky
Riku key_to_darkness
Axel got_it_flamed
Demyx pacific_ix
Roxas roxas_thexiii

Layout Design: thefulcrum
Image Source: By choco_fondue


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